Post to Twitter

I’m off in Sunny Aberystwyth this weekend for a Uni reunion, so I put the word out to all the lovely people on twitter that I was wanting a guest strip for the week.  Thankfully, Adrian stepped in with “The Evolution of Naked Fatty”.

Poor Naked Fatty though – he seems to have lost his genitalia!  And worse than that, he’s having to suffer the indignity of wearing clothing.  At least he hasn’t turned into a thin man in a suit :)

I asked Adrian to say a couple of words about the strip, and here’s what he had to say:

I’m sure you can come up with something witty. I spent so much time worrying about his hat, I forgot his penis! AS-level biology failed me.

Seriously though, I’m very grateful to Adrian for helping me out in a bind.  If any of the rest of you reckon you can draw a picture of a fat naked man, I’d love to hear from you – guest strips are always more than welcome.